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Event services: PRACEdays

Full live coverage and executive summary of annual high-performance computing event

Contract publishing: AAL Forum Executive Summary

Annual post-event publication to summarise Europe’s largest annual event on active ageing

Web design: HyperCOG

Website for EU-funded project that is developing cyber-physical systems for the process industry

EU project partnership: ARI – Achieving Research Impact

EU project partnership: iNSPiRE

EU project partnership: Sim4Blocks

Case study: AAL Forum

Event services

EU project partnership: Tenderio

Web design: Business in Sport

Website for organisation that helps business leaders support the community through sport

Video: ProPAT

Animation for project explaining new platform for monitoring industrial processes

Contract publishing: Queensmill School

Yearly handbook for Queensmill School

EU project partnership: Dandelion

Contract publishing: Chapel House

Yearbook for Chapel House at Monmouth School for Boys

Graphic Design: Sim4Blocks

Development of logo for the Sim4Blocks project


3D animation that explains a new form of therapy for a rare type of cancer

Video: Sim4Blocks

3D animation to explain the concept of demand response for energy project

Web design: NanoSolutions

Website for EU-funded project that developed safety classification tool for nanomaterials

Video: ProSUM

The ProSUM project created the first ever Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform.

Graphic Design: CPMR

Rebranding and logo design for CPMR

Video: Rehap

Animation using dynamic line to illustrate project making bio-based materials

EU project partnership: NanoSolutions

EU project partnership: Bioways

Graphic Design: Business in Sport

Logo design, rebranding and conference material for Business in Sport

Web design: iNSPiRe

iNSPiRe aims to tackle the problem of high-energy consumption in buildings by producing systemic renovation packages for buildings.

Event Services: IERC

Full coverage, photography and executive summary of the International Energy Research Centre conference

Contract publishing: Phoenix School

Yearly handbook for the Phoenix School in London

Case study: AAL

Client The Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL) is a European programme funding innovation that keeps us connected, healthy, active and happy into our old age.

Video: NICHES+

Film for transport project that displays the results of the project

Web design: PRACE

Full redesign of website for high-performance computing organisation

Web design: Sim4Blocks

Website for EU-funded project on renewable energy use in buildings

Event Services: eStrategies Africa

Executive summary for the eStratgies event that drives development of healthcare services in Africa

Video: COMBI

Motion graphic animation about the non-energy benefits of energy efficiency

Graphic Design: IMPaCT

Logo design and rebranding exercise for doctoral training centre

Contract publishing: PRACE Digest

Annual publication to showcase cutting edge science using supercomputers

Case study: CPMR

Web Design

Case study: Diversity


Case study: PRACE

Contract publishing

Case study: Rehap

EU project partnerships

Contract publishing: PRACE Annual Reports

Annual reports for high-performance computing organisation PRACE

Web design: Rehap

Website for EU-funded project that creates bio-based materials from agricultural and forestry waste

Event Services: EuroNanoForum

Event coverage and executive summary for Europe’s premier nanotechnology and advanced materials science conference


Animation explaining the objectives of project on industrial symbiosis

Video: MoniTANK

2D animation to explain new system for monitoring underground storage tanks
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