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Case study: AAL Forum

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AAL funds innovation that promotes better quality of life for older people. Its annual forum brings together all of its stakeholders for networking, collaboration and discussion.


To provide a full range of event support services to ensure the AAL Forum is an ongoing success.

Our work in detail

The AAL Forum is the largest annual event in Europe for bringing together those working in the active and healthy ageing space. The event includes a large and lively exhibition as well as a series of workshops designed to promote best practice, the sharing of ideas and the development of strategies to ensure older people remain active and healthy for longer.

Insight has worked with the AAL Forum since 2011, providing a number of crucial event support services. These include promoting the event across Europe and globally, ensuring widespread participation. Numbers attending the event have increased year on year since Insight has been involved, culminating in record numbers in 2019.

We also produce the forum’s executive summary, sending expert editors to cover the event from every angle. The executive summary provides an essential record of the event, showcasing crucial aspects of policy and strategy development, reflections of delegates’ views about the organisation and the market in general as well as a record of all the keynote addresses and each of the many workshops.

Other services we provide include the design and production of the forum programme, both in print and digitally, as well as all event materials like lanyards, posters, waysigns, promotional webinars and live news stories for the website. Insight also developed the AAL Forum website in 2018.

Finally, we have been responsible for providing a photographic record of the AAL Forum, both in terms of stills photography, as well as producing a video highlights package that is shown at the end of each year’s event. We have also used video to promote the AAL Forum, showcasing the exciting year ahead in short online advertisements.

Our work with the AAL Forum

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