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Case study: Diversity



The EU project Diversity was initiated to create a cloud-based engineering environment and tools to support the collaborative design of product-service systems.


The project leaders approached us due to our previous experience in making films for EU projects. They asked us to develop an animation to explain their new sentiment analysis tool, which allows companies to use feedback and opinions from social media to hone their products.


The Diversity project got in touch with us after seeing some of the other videos we had made for EU projects. They wanted us to take our talent for storytelling and apply it to their newly devised sentiment analysis tool – a product that allows companies to harness the opinions of its customers to improve their products.

After speaking with the project leaders, we decided that the best way to explain this tool was to show it in action. Together with the client, we devised a story around a protagonist – Jo –who had a problem with their new shoes. Using this device, we then talked the viewer through the process of how one customer’s opinion could be taken in, analysed, and then used to improve the product.

Here, we used a simple style of animation in order to turn what was quite a complex set of ideas into an easy-to-digest narrative. The client was overwhelmingly pleased with the results of the video.

Video: Sim4Blocks
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