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PRACE enables high-impact scientific research and development in Europe through the provision of world class high-performance computing.


PRACE initially came to us due to our expertise in science writing and graphic design, asking us to produce one of their cornerstone publications about the need for scientific computing in Europe.


PRACE originally got in contact with us in 2011 asking us to help write, edit, design and print one of their key publications – “The Scientific Case for HPC in Europe 2012 – 2020”. The aim of this publication was to provide a clear overview of the achievements of computational science across various domains, creating a compelling case for further investment in state- of-the-art scientific computing to bring further benefits to society.We worked with team members from across PRACE’s organisation as well as key scientists from various research domains to put together the content for this important publication. This involved interviewing various stakeholders as well as rewriting and editing existing text to meet the high standards required. Our graphic design team then stepped in to turn all of this into a beautifully presented print publication, utilising the eye-catching visualisations of high- performance computing wherever possible.

The publication was well received by both the high-performance computing community and the European Commission, and PRACE have subsequently received further funding for the objectives outlined in the document.

We are now responsible for the production of several other publications for PRACE, including the PRACE Annual Report, the PRACE Digest, the Women in HPC magazine, and the PRACE days Executive Summary. Our close relationship with PRACE has also led us to provide a number of other services for them over the years, including the redesign of their website.

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Contract publishing: Queensmill School
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