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Case study: Rehap

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Rehap is an EU project that aims to strengthen the European bioeconomy by creating new materials from agricultural and forestry waste.


Insight has been part of the Rehap project from its inception, leading the dissemination and exploitation work package in this €12million project.

Our work in detail

Insight has been involved in Rehap since the proposal stage, devising a bespoke dissemination and exploitation work package designed to help the project meet its ambitious aims and ensure industry is aware of and receptive to its groundbreaking research and the innovative bio-materials and new processes it has developed.

We have implemented a suite of exciting and effective communication tools in order to explain the project’s work to targeted audiences, including industry, the public sector and policymakers, academia, the media and the general public. From creating a brand identity and developing the project website to making films about the work and organising workshops, we have worked to develop clear messages, each designed to reach a particular audience and have the greatest impact.

Insight has worked closely with all project partners to develop a clear exploitation strategy for the successful results achieved by the project, ensuring there is a clear plan to maximise the commercial and further R&D opportunities that arise from the research and industrial upscaling that has taken place.

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