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A post-pandemic green Europe special edition

The greening of Europe for a post-pandemic economic recovery and how research and development will deliver the innovation needed to accelerate growth

Insight Media is planning a special post-pandemic edition of its widely-read publication Projects Magazine. The publication provides insight and analysis across a number of R&D and economic sectors and provides research organisations and projects with the opportunity to disseminate their results to carefully targeted and relevant audiences.

This special edition of the magazine will focus on national and EU efforts to maximise the potential of the bioeconomy and other green technologies and policies to help Europe’s economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as commentary and analysis of some of the efforts to supercharge the economy that are taking place at government and EU level, the publication will focus on the latest research and development that will deliver the technologies, processes, materials, policies and products needed not only to benefit the environment, but also deliver huge economic potential.

As well as providing opinions from and interviews with some of Europe’s leading lights in our post-Covid world, the publication will also give projects the opportunity to update a receptive sector on the potential of their work following a period of time when opportunities for mass dissemination through workshops, conferences and other events has been severely curtailed.

The publication will become a valuable repository of information and knowledge about the direction Europe needs to take to help maximise the potential of the bioeconomy and the green economy in general.

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Projects Magazine green special contents to date:
• A dedicated news section of green developments in Europe
• MEP Maria Spyraki. The European green deal and the circular economy action plan,
providing insight into funding green development, the impact this could have and
the social dimension of sustainability in a post-covid world.
• John Bell, director of Healthy Planet and DG for R&I in the EC. Tackling the
important topic of de-risking green investment as well as the new Circular
Bioeconomy Partnership that is being developed for Horizon Europe.
• Niklas von Weyman, CEO of Metsa Spring. The importance of investing in start-ups
and how to get ideas to commercialisation.
• Dick Carrez, Executive Director BIC. A vision for a circular bio-based Europe where
big brand owners play an increasingly important role.
• Industry watch – Novamont, EDF, BBEPP
• Projects already involved – REHAP, Sim4Blocks, HyperCOG, Trimbot

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